Rotary separator CAL

Rotary separator CAL

The CAL series Cleaner / Calibrator is an extremely valid machine for cleaning and calibrating cereals and legumes.
The particularity of this machine is that it is very versatile and suitable for cleaning all cereals and / or legumes.
By cleaning the product it is possible to improve its conservation, the value of the product destined for sale is increased, it is a machine suitable for carrying out a selection of seeds to be re-sown by separating the larger product from the small one.

The product enters a rotating drum which has a succession of perforated sieves (easily interchangeable to vary the size of the holes); the grains that have a size smaller than the size of the holes come out of the drum by gravity and are conveyed to the first outlet, the larger product continues to advance inside the drum going to the subsequent sieves, up to the last outlet where the largest fraction is expelled .Characteristics of the machine are low energy consumption, solidity of construction, and careful selection.
The sieves have an integrated roller cleaning system that always maintains the highest level of selection efficiency.
Machine easily adaptable by simply replacing the sieves to clean and / or calibrate all the products you want.




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