Combined Cleaner PC 01

Combined Cleaner PC 01

A full grain cleaning in a small space.

In this machine the cereal undergoes the following cleaning treatments:

1 ° Zig-zag Ink Cartridge, high efficiency in separating light and semi-empty parts, complete with cyclone decanter and large plex tube for immediate viewing of separate elements.

2 ° Calibrator cleaner: from which all foreign bodies in the grain are eliminated, both those with higher calibration than the cereal to be cleaned.

3 ° A magnetic separator holds metal metallic bodies.

4 ° A walnut separates the round grain of the spit and other round shaped seeds.

5 ° A grain brush cleanses the grain energetically by rubbing it and removing dust or soil that adheres to the grain, also removes the beard and broken the empty seeds and those insects insects.

This phase is essential to reduce bacterial charge, eventual presence of molds and toxins if present.

6 ° A rectangular Tarare allows the cereal to be washed in a counterflow to remove any dust still present.


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