Machinery and equipment for the milling industry

Antenore milling plants

We are a company that is specialized in the construction and overhaul of machinery and plants for the milling industry and related sectors since 1950.

We build special machines to the specific requirements of the client, as:
Rolling mills of any dimensions for milling, grinding or rolling any product
Machines for separating and riddling products based on size, shape, specific weight and drop speed of in the air
Mechanical type conveyor systems (cochlea, elevator, belt) or pneumatic type for granules or for flours

We also have a vast assortment of used machines or entire systems.

We are specialized in the overhaul of all types of machines, that we can deliver with guarantee as new. We also overhaul grooving machines, tool machines, grinders.

We offer the following services :
Roller grooving, grinding and sanding a in short time
We make gears of any shape and size in short time
Assembly of machines and plants
Assembly, designs, diagrams and plans
Used machines of all makes
Accessories and spare conduit tubes also in stainless steel.

The relation with customers

Our particular satisfaction is:
The development and growth of our customers business
The construction of new machines
New production processes
The reduction of waste and energy consumption
The diversification of products.

The passion for challenges

The construction of the flaking mills, the largest ever built in Italy with rollers from 700x1800
Collaboration in the construction of the first plant producing pasta with 100% corn flour
The construction of the first fluting machine totally numerical controlled, able to groove rollers up to the length of 2000 mm
The supply of cast iron rollers with the best quality on the market
The innovative wear-resistant surface treatment of rollers, the most effective system, unique in the world for grinding rollers
The construction of a mill vessel, built according to an ancient technique, fully functional and placed on the river Po.