Plasterboard recycling

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In our attention to new challenges, mum always been attentive to new production processes and the recovery of materials that can be recycled.

The spread of the use of plasterboard has also led to the need to recover the waste of this material in order not to allocate a potential produced at the landfill .

Landfills in addition to being uneconomical we think it is also anti-ecological , much more environmentally friendly is to think about the re-use of a product.

The drywall is known to be composed of chalk and a card holder .

The recovery technique is simple but at the same time not particularly trivial , and the game consists in the efficiency of the system with a limited use of machines and energy.

In fact, we recall that in itself chalk is not a particularly expensive material , so if you do not want to get hurt is advisable to opt for a system that is actually performing.

The Fassa Bortolo for its plant in Asti has chosen our technology and experience.

With two rolling mills ROI2C you get a production 10Ton/ora , a chalk output with a purity of 99.7 % , with casatteristiche such that it can be reused in the production of new panels cartiongesso .

The output paper corrisponta to 4% of the total weight of the drywall, this means that 100 kg of waste plasterboard is reused 96% of feed material with a high purity .


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