Starting on the wrong foot.

Antenore news

It happens often lately to be contacted by people who have already purchased a millstone from some of our competitors, but do not manage to get the flour they want.

Normally the problem is reported to not get the desired quality and achieve even modest yields only 30-40%.

Although grinding with a grinding stone is simple, it is necessary to have some measures already in the design phase.

It brings to the example of a case resolved our historical customer known owner of the mill in Umbria, to which about ten years ago, we made the plant for cleaning seeds and legumes for making soup.

In diversify production our client as well as producing oil and packaged cereals and legumes for soups, also owns a factory, using only corn of their company, but for grinding addressed to a mill outside.
The decision to close the circle and then to adopt even a grinding plant was almost an obvious step.

The mistake was rivolgesi to a competitor, the new facility but could not get a flour suitable for pasta factory, a flour obtained too late with a bran and pulverized waste too.

So we called 'desperate' in remembrance of us, the only problem we found was just in the grinding, the machine purchased was not suitable to produce groats.

So we provided our own mill and the problem is solved, now gets a fair gauge of semolina with the presence of little flour and very high yields.

We believe that it is so important to sell a lot of cars, but to equip our customers with systems that work well producing high quality flour.

A grinding plant is normally very short versatile, so you can grind more grains and obtain various types of flour, but this does not mean that all mills are equal.

For us it is important to understand what is the main cereal to be ground and the type of flour main desired, according to this installing the system precisely optimized for the production of the main product, then it is always possible to grind also other cereals, but it is important optimize the system for the main product.