Stone Remover SP5T

Stone Remover SP5T

Our Stone Remover SP5T is simple to regulate, works noiseless and does a high degree of selection all in a contained space.

The machine consists of a metal frame and a tilted vibrant body . The vibrating element is isolated from the structure by spring coil at the back and an oscillating rod mounted on an anti-vibrator at the front. The movement of vibration is provided by a vibrator attached on the vibrating element and arranged so that the thrust is made in a single direction and only one angle (varies according to the needs). The vibrating element consists of a frame onto which is fixed a special metal wire mesh. The upper part of the vibrating element is partly closed by a sheet of transparent material with good resistance to specific vibrations. This solution allows to inspect the movement of grain during the separation thus finding the best setting. The feeding to the vibrating element consists of a box also made of a transparent material in which a swing valve regulates the flow of corn. The suction is ensured by an external fan connected at the upper part of the machine.

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