Wheat-Corn Brushing Machine SG

Wheat Brushing Machine SG

This machine does an energetic reduction of dust, mold and bacteria while the grains remain unbroken

The machine consists of:
- A sheet steel case supported by four legs.
- Horizontal axis rotor with beaters palette.
- Cylindrical sifting mantle in special mesh.
- Belt transmission from motor.
The case is equipped with large inspection doors,
an entrance of wheat at the top, exit of clean wheat
on the side, a hopper to collect the waste product
under the machine, and a suction point on top.
The rotor has finned bars. The mantle wraps the cylindrical sifting rotor and is composed of a network of special steel wire.

As the grains comes into the cylinder , it will be
drawn into the working area by the tilted palettes of the rotor. The product undergoes a vigorous
rubbing between the rotor blades and the mantle
of the cylinder and also a friction between the
grains themselves. Hence an effective separation
of dust and dirt adhering to the grain. While healthy grains are not damaged, empty grains pass through the mantle together with the scraps.
Dust and waste come out of the mantle through
the hopper, and then a sucked by the external fan.



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