Plansichter VSP

Plansichter VSP

Great sifting surface
High yield
Highest quality of the sifting frames


The machine is composed of two caissons to hold the sieves and by a command group.The caissons are in special sheet steel, welded in a protective atmosphere divided into compartments 2,3,4 (channels), each containing a series of overlapping sifting frames, which are accessed through the closing doors.

Internally it is treated with paint for food; are coated with insulating panels, perfectly sealed to the metal structure.The bottom allows a quick discharge of the products and the absence of areas of stagnation.

The frames, square and rigid, are from stabilized wood of the highest quality and are fully lined in plastic laminate.The frames mounted in the body to the metal structure, is tightened by means of a double device with easy accessibility.

The interior trellis includes all the parts that govern the movement of the machine, in particular: the electric motor, the transmission, the drive shaft and the mass of the counterweight.All the group shaft-counterweight, of solid execution, is supported by a pair of bearings with a double row of barrel rollers, the upper one of which has the function of thrust.

The control unit is easily accessible by removing the side panels covering the central truss.

Each machine has its own large tables of input and output products, complete with vents and exhaust control and sleeves for connecting impermeable fabric to air.

The machine has the ability to be divided into its various elements and easy to transport and lifting for high  floor installation.

A wide variety of standard and special frames, allows the composition of a number of schemes of sieving to meet every need of grinding diagrams.


The product enters on top in the machine, is sieved from the stack frames for the contribute of the rotary motion impressed to these and by gravity.This results in up to 8 selections with different (grain size) size.

With a special device at the entrance of the channels results in a precise distribution of the load on the upper frames so as to greatly increase the potential of the sieving of the individual steps.

The large number of stacked sieves and their square shape, also ensure an effective sieving and a precise classification of the products with the consequent positive influence on the final rendering of grinding.

The maintenance of the machine is reduced to periodic control of lubrication of the supports, and tightening of the screws that connect the various parts of the machine.


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