Riel 50.150

Riel 50.150

Our machine is simple to utilize and programm, while the fluting quality is the highest.
We also make fluting machines with the rollers table size specified by the client.

This machine was designed and built to rifle, with the right precision, high hardened cast iron cylinders with a maximum size of Ø500x1500 mm.
The right placement of tools, their careful execution, give this machine more safety and functionality.
The machine comes complete with a user-programmable electronic control panel.
The table is supported by sliding guides with recirculating balls by SKF brand.
A ‘brushless’ motors controls the movement of the table and is programmable either for the cutting speed or the quick return.
The divider is controlled by a second programmable ‘brushless’ motors. Can be performed any number of rows.
The Fluting machine has two tools that are fixed to the revolving turret .
The cutting tools are perpendicular on the rollers, thus allowing better control and more visibility of the work area for the user.

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