Dust Remover DPT 40.150

Dust Remover DPT 40.150

The machine does a energetic reduction of dust, mold and bacteria, while no breakage of the product occures.
It is a machine designed to meet the needs to improve the quality of a product of flakes or granules, to clean it effectively with the elimination of dust, even if adhering to the product.

The machine consists of:
Case in steel plate supported by four legs.
Horizontal axis rotor with beaters pallet.
Cylindrical sifting mantle of special mesh.
Motor with belt relay.
The cleaning takes place through four mechanisms that act simultaneously on the incoming product: the friction between the product and product, the thorough cleaning and brushing by the beaters pallet, the friction between the product and mantle, and by the effect of current of air passing through the product facilitating removal of dust.
The shape of the beaters, the type of the mantle used and the size of the holes in it, are adapted to the product to be processed.

Technical Description

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